Nordic Memory Clinic Conference

25.9.2017 – 26.9.2017
Oslo, Norja

The Nordic Network in Dementia Diagnostics (NIDD), established in 2009 as a

network that wants to facilitate collaborative research concerning diagnostic tools

and procedures. NIDD will together with Norwegian National Advisory Unit on Aging

and Health host a clinical and research conference in September 25 and 26, 2017.

The focus will be on clinical practice in Nordic memory clinics and on diagnostic

tools, prevention and treatment of dementia.

The venue of the conference is Oslo (Oslo Congress center). This will be a first time

event for valuable interaction between researchers and clinicians. During the

conference, there will be lectures, symposia and work-shops where diagnostic

tools in dementia will be presented and discussed.

There will be a poster session onSeptember 26.

Abstracts limited to maximum 250 words should be submitted within May 20



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