19. Nordiske Kongress i Gerontologi - valmistelu alkanut


On behalf of the congress committee for the 19. Nordic Congress of Gerontolog in Oslo, May 25-28, 2008, we will invite you to submit suggestions for symposia.
The congress site will be hotel Radisson SAS Scandinavia, Holbergs gt. 30, and the opening ceremony will take place in the evening of Sunday, May 25th. The program will include a wide variety of scientific presentations and a cultural program. The Norwegian Geriatric Society and the Norwegian Gerontological Society will be hosting the congress.
We have already contacted several persons with a more specific invitation, based on particular subjects, to arrange invited symposia. This invitation is general and is sent to all colleagues and friends engaged in the field of research and development in geriatrics and gerontology.
Each symposium has a time schedule of 1 ½ hour, which can include 4-6 presentations of 10-15 minutes with 2-3 minutes for discussion and comments. We recommend that the symposia include presentations from more than one country and have an interdisciplinary approach, but this is not absolutely necessary.
A suggestion for a symposium should include the following points:
Title of symposium
Name of chair/responsible person (corresponding person)
4-6 presentations (title, name and title of presenter).
All presenters must submit abstracts within the deadline 31. January 2008.
There will be no funding from the organizers of the congress. Each presenter and the chair must cover their own costs of participation in the congress.
Suggestions must be submitted the congress secretary Toril Utne, toril.utne@aldringoghelse.no, no later than 01.09.07
With the best regards,
Anette Hylen Ranhoff Morten Mowe
President, Norw.Gerontological Society President, Norw, Geriatric Society
President 19. NKG Secretary General 19. NKG