Ehdotuksia pohjoismaisen Sohlbergin palkinnon 2012 saajaksi - KIIRE

Annoncement of the Sohlberg Noric Prize in Gerontology:

"The Nordic Gerontological Federation (NGF) calls for nomination of candidates for Sohlberg Nordic Prize in Gerontology. This prize of € 10.000 is sponsored by the Päivikki and Sakari Sohlberg Foundation and will be awarded at the Opening Ceremony of the 21st Nordic Congress of Gerontology on Sunday June 10, in Copenhagen.

This prize will be awarded to a scientist active in the Nordic countries, who is a “leader” in her/his field in gerontology, and who has had a major influence on the development of her/his field. A leader in this context either has a large/successful research group or has initiated research of major importance which has been followed up by others. In this context gerontology includes all fields of science that deal with any aspect of ageing.

The prize will be awarded by a jury, the members of which are the chairman of NGF, the two vice chairmen of NGF and the two most recent prize-winners.

NGF invites for nominations of candidates for this prize (applications will not be accepted). A nomination must include the reasons for why the candidate is nominated (described on a half to a full A4 page) together with the curriculum vitas and the publication list of the candidate. This material should be sent electronically to the NGF president Jon Snædal by e-mail:"