NorAge ja kongressi Turussa 2007

NORAGE (Nordic Society for Research in Brain Ageing) was founded in 1991 to improve mental and neurological health in the elderly, and functions as a Nordic forum for communication and information on these issues. NORAGE supports both basic and clinical research and organizes scientific congresses, symposia and workshops. Current activities include a project on Nordic memory clinics, and a project on the use of restraints in elderly care. The official language is one of the Scandinavian languages or English. Currently there is no membership fee.
NORAGE organizes a congress every two years, next congress will take place in Turku, Finland, 14-15 June, 2007. The theme of the NorAge 2007 congress is: Prevention of old age plaques – a rewarding challenge for health and social care. Topics include Depression, Psychotherapy and psychopharmacology, Ageing brain, Prevention of dementia, Treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. International speakers include Prof. Cornelius Catona, Dr. Jaqueline Birks, and Prof. Henry Brodaty.
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